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Oracle10g SQL Tuning Advisor

SQL Tuning Advisor is like a container for conducting and analyzing many tuning tasks. It calls the optimizer internally and performs the analysis as follows:

  • Executes the Stale or Missing statistics analysis and makes a recommendation to collect, if necessary.
  • Plans the tuning analysis and creates SQL profile. SQL Profile is a collection of the historical information of prior runs of the SQL statement, comparison details of the actual and estimated cardinality, and predicate selectivity etc. SQL Profile is stored persistently in the data dictionary, and hence does not require any application code changes.
  • Performs the access path analysis. The Optimizer recommends new indexes that produce a significantly faster execution path.
  • Restructure the SQL statement. Optimizer identifies SQL statements that have bad plans and makes relevant suggestions to restructure them.

The plan analysis mode, which creates the SQL Profiles, is a significant stage where additional information for the query is collected by the optimizer. This analysis is not possible in the normal mode. Such a SQL profile helps generate a better execution plan than the normal optimization. Additional tasks like checking for advanced predicate selectivity, correlation between columns, join skews, and complex predicates such as functions, help in profiling the SQL statement. Once a statement is profiled and stored, it can be used at will.

Get the complete Oracle10g story:

The above text is an excerpt from "Oracle Database 10g New Features: Oracle10g Reference for Advanced Tuning and Administration", by Rampant TechPress.  Written by top Oracle experts, this book has a complete online code deport with ready to use scripts. 

To get the code instantly, click here:

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