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   Oracle Tips by Burleson

Oracle10g Using SQL AWR

SQL Statements from cursor cache, AWR, and custom workload can be filtered and/or ranked before they are input to the SQL Tuning Advisor.

In the second stage, execute the tuning analysis tasks and view the results (or create the SQL profiles). Later, you can implement the suggestions.

Oracle Enterprise manager is a good place to launch and utilize the SQL Tuning Advisor. SQL Tuning Advisor GUI can be invoked at multiple places within the OEM.

  • For high-load SQL statements identified by ADDM, SQL Tuning Advisor can be launched from the ADDM Finding Details screen.
  • When selecting from the Top SQL statements, Advisor can be launched from the Top SQL Page.
  • When STS becomes the input for tuning, advisor can be launched from the SQL Tuning Sets page.

OEM also allows you to view the tuning analysis results, create the SQL profile, and then implement the suggestions.

In addition to the OEM GUI, SQL Advisor functionality can be obtained by using the PL/SQL package dbms_sqltune. This is a new package introduced in 10g, and it has comprehensive procedures that help to conduct the full SQL Advisor session. Some of the useful procedures include:

  • create_tuning_task - Creates a tuning task for a given SQL statement or for a cached cursor
  • execute_tuning_task – Executes the tuning task and generates the tuning data
  • report_tuning_task – Generates a complete report of the results of a task
  • report_plans – Shows the SQL plans

There are two important initialization parameters that affect the operation of SQL Tuning Advisor. They are as follows:

  • optimizer_auto_learn –Enables or disables the auto-learning optimizer feature
  • sqltune_category – Selectively enables the SQL tuning base features for specific sessions

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The above text is an excerpt from "Oracle Database 10g New Features: Oracle10g Reference for Advanced Tuning and Administration", by Rampant TechPress.  Written by top Oracle experts, this book has a complete online code deport with ready to use scripts. 

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