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     Oracle Evolution of Network Protocols

Topology is a term that is used to describe the overall configuration of the Net8 distributed databases, including all clients and Oracle servers.  In large topologies it is not uncommon to find different communications protocols, as the network spans between operating environments such a DEC, mainframes and Novell. 

The protocol is the software layer that resides on top of the topology.  In theory, and of the following protocols can run under any topology.  Due to the overwhelming use of the UNIX operating system the most popular protocol has become TCP/IP, but Oracle supports some of the more obscure protocols as well.


DNA (DecNet)- DEC's Distributed Networking Architecture. 


      Announced in 1975 by DEC for use in the VMS operating system.


TCP/IP - Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol


      TCP - a standard protocol that allows a process on one machine to send a stream     of data to another machine.


      IP - A standard protocol that provides a packet delivery service across a    network.


SNA - IBM's System Network Architecture


      Announced in 1974.  SNA is a standard protocol and the most commonly used protocol.


X.25 - Developed by Bell Canada. 


The basis for ISDN and the OSI model for open systems.


Again, while Net8 has the ability to support cross-protocol communications, the vast majority of Net8 implementations utilize TCP/IP.


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