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As the world's leading database product, Oracle has led the way in implementing distributed database connectivity.

This is the evolution of Oracle distributed networking and look at the basic features of the main Oracle network tools.  These include:

1. Network protocols - An overview of the basic computer protocols such as TCP/IP and SPX, and a description of how Oracle allows inter-protocol communications.

2. Oracle topology solution - A high-level overview of Oracle's topology solution and how the Oracle tools fit together.

3. Oracle transparent network substrate model - A technical overview of TNS and a description of the communication layers.

4. SQL*Net version 1 - A description of the basic features of SQL*Net version 1, and a discussion about why this tool is still important for Oracle.

5. SQL*Net version 2 - A description of the new features (and bug fixes) of SQL*Net version 2.

6. Net8 - The state-of-the-art Oracle networking tool, its functions and features.

In addition we will take a technical look at the internal features of each tool and lay the foundation for the detailed modules later in this class.

In general terns, Net8 is a set of software tools that allows remote databases to communicate as if they resided local to the client.  Users initiate a request by specifying a "service name" that is parsed by Oracle to get all of the information required to connect to the remote database.  There are three things that are required to connect to a remote database.  The first is the communications protocol (most systems use TCP/IP).  The second required piece of data is the IP address of the remote computer.  The third piece is the name of the Oracle database that resides on the remote host.



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