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The page-in operation
Oracle Tips by Burleson Consulting


The page-in operation

As we noted, a page out is no cause for concern because UNIX has not yet decided to actually remove the region from RAM. However, then UNIX performs a page in, disk I/O is involved, and the requesting tasks will have to wait a long time (milliseconds) while UNIX fetches the region from the swap disk and re-loads it into the RAM region.

Hence, RAM page in operations can be disastrous to the performance of Oracle tasks, and the Oracle Remote DBA must constantly be on the lookout for page in’s and take appropriate action to remedy the problem.

A following section in this chapter on the vmstat utility will show you how to detect page in operations, and we can remedy page in operations in several ways:

1 – Add additional RAM to the UNIX server.
2 – Reduce the SGA size for our database by lowering the size of the data block buffers.
3 – Mark the critical RAM regions (such as the Oracle SGA) as non-swappable

The above is an excerpt from the "Oracle9i UNIX Administration Handbook" by Oracle press, authored by Donald K. Burleson.


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