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     Oracle Usenet Newsgroups

There is a sad trend in the Oracle database forums where some forums have become places to arrack people, rather than provide Oracle technical information.  Many Oracle professionals prefer a more professional Oracle forum.

The Oracle UseNet newsgroups are considered among the worst, where innocent Oracle professionals ask questions, only to be attacked by other forum members.

I tried that and I found the oracle.server group to be extraordinarily hostile. I was amazed. I have been in computing for 20 years and I am well aware of the fact that a lot of geeky people have limited social skills, but not THAT bad. I have to admit not having dealt with usenet groups in a few years and the way the culture has declined is really something! It was a case of getting some information but it was definitely not worth the cost in terms of the major hostility that came with it.

We also see these examples of rude, profane and insulting behavior on the forum:


I’ve noted a disturbing tendency of some Oracle scientists to arrogantly toss-out the arguments, not sharing their background or qualifications, and hurling offensive personal insults. To me, it's unprofessional and tarnishes the respectability of the database profession. The Oracle Server UseNet newsgroup is now largely populated with profanity and nasty non-technical content.)


Bad Language on the Oracle UseNet Newsgroups

the first four are the dicks that banged you shared azz; the last four are the ones that banged your mother cusorit.
do the above till your mother cursorit is willing and dripping; lock it in breakable-share mode.
on every dip, pin in S mode; do cleanups; if the dick slips signal an error if mid-fetch;
keep doing this till you and your mama scream. 

GO play with your fingerstyle, which means don't use picks of any sort
(some do, you know!!!)

Your wife says you should consider yourselves lucky. In lieu of your ugly puss ......

You sicko psycho PHILthy bastard! If you like this insult shove it!
and if you don't -- go home: look at yourself and spit; you might as
well take the rubber glove and ....................................... 

What are made of?! No brain - you dumb girlie wacko; just a big jumble of

...You must be a girlie dog to accept less that 40K in the city of rain!

Now they say: a man cannot teach what he doesn't have? Oops I forgot that you are a girlie man danny the Wanny.

Dude you are a f**king moron. You've got the IQ of a cooked omlet.
Half the crap you write doesn't make sense. You are the dim of the

Aren't we lucky. What would we do without your students and your
expertise? I bet half of them downloaded OMLET so far!

Your shameless plug YOU put at the bottom of EVERY ONE OF YOUR STUPID
FUCKING POSTS; you and others make you dumb hippocrates.

Shut the f**k up about it and move on, you're not going to win with
your broken logic and arrogant self-serving attitude, god what a
fucking dumbass. Get over it.

Apardon my languages DOC! You really deserve a Tonka Truck too like
David J*. Or may be better you can help David with your girly kicks

Be natural! your impersonation is higher than your girlie level?! Let
me ask you one thing? when you stick a lipstick in your ear -- which
one feels better your ear or the lipstick?
Stuffing all the storage you need in close proximity of a server is
exactly ike stuffing all the food you are about to eat right in mouth
-- it can hold only so much;

Of course you can opt for your ass: it might hold more? it is more
scalable?! But you must agree to a certain limit assuming you are not
a 300 pound girlie.

If you agree to your ass limitations; then you probably would consider
dANIALs anus for more storage and more scalability and of course his
alikes as well.

Then perhaps you would get NOT so efficient solution. Now add lots and
lots storage boxes full of fast static ram connected over 10-gigabit
NICs (scale as much as required) till you beat the

Now I really agree with your wife: "you are one ugly pots". In fact I
would add more you mother fucker, you starveling, you elf-skin, you dried
neat's-tongue, you bull's pizzle, you stock-fish!, you tailor's
yard, you sheath, you bow-case, you vile standing-tuck! you fitz-warrel





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