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   BEI Remote UNIX and
          Remote Network Service Plans

There are thousands of companies that have a critical need for expert UNIX support and UNIX administration but cannot justify the expense of a full-time UNIX Systems Administrator and full-time network support.  PC-Week reports that the average salary for a qualified UNIX support professional is over $70,000.00 per year.

The BEI remote UNIX support service plan offers a cost-effective alternative to a full-time UNIX Systems Administrator. Because BEI utilizes sophisticated monitoring techniques, BEI can offer world-class remote UNIX support and remote Network support at affordable prices.

Client Requirements

All clients must provide secure external access to their UNIX servers, either via dedicated dial-in or secure connections over the Internet.  The client must also possess a valid support number for access to UNIX technical support.

BEI offers remote UNIX support for IBM AIX UNIX, Solaris Sun UNIX, HP UNIX (HP/UX) and Linux.  We also support every conceivable type of Network configuration including traditional data services, wireless, and Internet-based connectivity.


Competitive Pricing

BEI remote UNIX support offers discounts for clients who have substantially similar UNIX servers in a networked environment.  The prices below are US dollars per month with a one-year service commitment.

UNIX support prices

             Monthly fee
       Number of
    UNIX Servers
1-7  $1,600
8-15  $3,200
16-31  $4,800

Network support prices

           Monthly Fee
      Number of    
      Wide Area
1-5 $1,500
6-10 $2,000
11-15 $2,500

Combined UNIX Support & Network Support prices

BEI offers a 20% discount for customers who wish to combine UNIX and Network support.

                        Number of
                Wide Area Nodes
   Number of
UNIX Servers
     1-5   6-10   11-15
 1-7  $2,480  $2,880  $3,280
 8-15  $3,760  $4,160  $4,640
 16-31  $5,040  $5,440  $5,840



Remote Support Services

BEI remote UNIX service provides 100% of the remote UNIX needs for your company. This plan requires a 12 month service commitment and includes:

    •  Complete Network monitoring and reporting 

          Bandwidth utilization alerts 

           Packet loss alerts 

           Protocol distribution (real-time) 

           Packet size distribution (real-time) 

    • Network exception Alerts

          Congestion  alert e-mail

           Network loss alert 

          Link loss alert

           Network bottleneck alert

    • Remote UNIX Server monitoring 

          UNIX Reporting 

           UNIX Load average alert e-mails 

           Filesystem utilization e-mail alerts

           CPU time distribution (user/sys/idle) 

           Complete disk I/O statistics 


    • Monitor RAID for disk failures

          Full UNIX Alerting 

          Filesystem free space shortage alert

          RAM Memory shortage alert


    • Monitor File existence/non-existence

          Periodically verifying that certain files exist or don't exist.

          monitor the existence of necessary symlinks


    • Monitor File system integrity

          Take a "snapshot" of the filesystem

          Verify consistency of system files

          Monitor first level of intrusion detection.

          Monitor activity on the system.

    • Full 24 x 7 emergency UNIX support


          Guaranteed fast response to production outages

          Reporting and resolving all serious Unix alert messages


    • Four hours of dedicated remote Unix support per month.

BEI also offers customized remote UNIX and Network administration consulting services for $150/hour.  Click here is see the BEI UNIX and Network Consulting services.

Send an E-Mail Don Burleson and get a customized quote for your company or




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