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BC Remote DBA Service provides experienced, secure Oracle remote support and database consulting services that are customized according to the client's needs. Many companies find they get better quality remote Oracle Remote DBA services while saving tens of thousands of dollars yearly when complimenting  expensive fulltime DBAs with  BC Remote DBA services.

BC Remote DBA Service uses copyrighted problem detection techniques that have made us successful in supporting some of the world's most sophisticated Oracle databases with minimal downtime. BC has highly trained Remote DBAs in geographically diverse response centers constantly monitoring client databases, fixing problems before they become obvious to the end-users.

Because of our extensive experience with automating Oracle database administration  tasks, we are able to offer professional rRemote Oracle Services and Remote DBA support at affordable prices.

BC Remote DBA Service is provided by leading Oracle consultants and authors and noted experts in Remote Monitoring, Oracle Remote DBA service and a variety of database monitoring technologies.

Burleson Consulting Remote DBA Service is providing experienced Oracle support and consulting services customized according to the needs of your company. Using our special techniques we have been successful in designing and implementing some of the world's most sophisticated Oracle databases. We also specialize in automating many routine database monitoring and alert tasks. Our copyrighted Artificial Intelligence allows constant remote monitoring of the database. Because of our extensive experience with automating Oracle database administration tasks, we are able to offer professional Oracle support at affordable prices.  We also provide Oracle support and Oracle training.


There are three main reasons our clients site for using a Remote DBA service:

- High Quality - Junior Oracle Remote DBA's are the bane of corporate America. Oracle Corporation white papers suggest that more than 75% of all Oracle database outages are attributable to human error. By hiring the services of recognized Oracle experts, companies avoid the potential downtime.

- Low Cost - With Remote DBA services, you buy only those Remote DBA services that you require, and only at the levels you require the service. Full-time Oracle Remote DBAs commonly cost over $80,000/year and require more than $5,000 in training per year to keep them current with the technology. Many corporations with stable Oracle databases cannot justify the costs of a full time Remote DBA. According to Computerworld Magazine, "These days, an Oracle database administrator -- any database administrator -- is worth his weight in gold".

- High Availability - With Remote DBA support you can be assured that your database is being supported by a competent professional who is thoroughly familiar with your database. With a full-time Remote DBA, high attrition has become a major problem. Large personnel companies have noted that the average Oracle Remote DBA can be expected to leave their current positions every four years. The most common reasons cited for leaving are boredom and the failure of the company to

Automated Remote DBA Reports and alerts

BC Remote DBA Service uses a sophisticated set of proprietary scripts that will completely automate Oracle reporting, capacity planning and pre-outage alerts. By addressing the conditions that cause an outage before your database crashes, your databases will benefit from constant monitoring. Our monitor software falls into three areas:


Tuning Reports  

BC Remote DBA Service uses new Oracle monitoring techniques that are not available anywhere else to perform proactive tuning for the Oracle database. Our reports identify I/O problems at the object level and automatically perform caching operations. In addition, our Remote DBAs are alerted to potentially serious performance problems such as missing indexes.

Trend Reports  

The trend reports are used to establish the baseline signature for the database. From this signature, exception reports will identify abnormal conditions. Trend reports are created for all major areas of the Oracle database including I/O, memory usage, CPU consumption and Oracle internal metrics.

Exception Reports  

Our exception reports are e-mailed to the in-house manager daily. These reports show all times when the database is experiencing stress. Our reports go beyond ordinary Oracle monitoring and monitor the processing environment, reporting on CPU and RAM-related problems.

Capacity Planning Reports  

These reports provide the in-house manager all of the the summary information from the prior weeks activity. Weekly statistics reports show the total growth for the week and show all object activity within Oracle.


These reports trigger a page to the on-call Remote DBA for immediate resolution. The alerts warn the on-call Remote DBA whenever a pending problem may cripple the database.



Remote Oracle Remote DBA Support Plan & Prices

Client Requirements:

All clients must provide secure external access to their Oracle database servers, either via dedicated dial-in or secure connections over the Internet.  The client must also possess a valid Oracle CSI number for access to Oracle Technical Support.

Multiple Database Discounts:

Leverage your investment!  BEI offers discounts for clients who have substantially similar Oracle databases in multiple environments.  An example of this would be a Oracle database with multiple copies in a test, development, QA and production environment.  Shops with multiple Oracle instances enjoy the following discounts over the $1,400/Month per- instance price.

2-5 Instances            20% discount

6-10 instances         30% discount

10+ instances           40% discount

Remote DBA Services:

There are thousands of midcap companies that have a need for Oracle database administration but cannot justify the high cost of a full-time Oracle Remote DBA.  Our remote Oracle Remote DBA service plans offers a cost-effective alternative to hiring a full-time Oracle Remote DBA. Because we utilize sophisticated monitoring techniques, BEI can offer world-class remote Oracle database support at super-affordable prices.

Our remote Oracle Remote DBA service provides 100% of the remote Oracle database administration needs for your company, and includes 24x7 access to our staff of 100% OCP Certified Oracle Remote DBAs. 

We require a 12 month service commitment and include the following services:

  • Installation and periodic upgrades to the Oracle database software as required by Oracle
  • Initial Oracle database system configuration and tuning
  • Installation of Oracle statistics collection mechanisms and quarterly database growth summaries
  • Hourly monitoring of your Oracle database for pending problems
  • Periodic performance analysis & tuning
  • Twenty Four hour Oracle emergency support
  • Guaranteed fast response to production outages
  • Reporting and resolving all serious Oracle alert log messages
  • Free use of the BEI TablePack, ServerPack and AuditPack services
  • Complete emergency support for production database outages, regardless of the time required to resolve the problem
  • Four hours of free Remote DBA support every month.  You can use these free hours for any Remote DBA activity, including database analysis, system design, production migrations or personal mentoring.

All this, for only $1,400/month per database instance.

Additional Oracle Remote DBA Services:

In addition to our Remote DBA support packages, BEI also offers complete Oracle Remote DBA services, billed on a $150 per/hour basis.  These services include virtually every Oracle task.

  • Oracle database schema modifications
  • Database reorganizations and row re-sequencing for performance 
  • Migration of database objects
  • User and security management
  • Oracle data migrations and refreshing test databases
  • UNIX support for AIX, HP/UX, Solaris, Linux  and DEC-UNIX
  • New database set-up and configuration
  • Set-up and installation of backup and recovery software
  • Oracle disk architecture and disk load balancing
  • Oracle SQL Tuning
  • Oracle design reviews
  • Installation of the Multi-threaded server
  • Installation of Oracle Parallel Server
  • Creation of Oracle standby database and failover databases
  • Installing advanced replication
  • Installing the language pre-compilers (Cobol, C)
  • Implementing change control procedures 

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