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Database Replay using the Command Line

Oracle 11g New Features Tips by Burleson Consulting
June 27, 2008

Oracle 11g SQL New Features Tips

After capturing SQL statements from the cursor cache or AWR snapshots in a production database, pack it into a staging table and run it for testing on another database to find out how the statements perform under changed conditions with the SQL Performance Analyzer feature. SPA runs every statement of the workload only one time, serially, and skips side effects of DDL and DML statements.

The next step will be to see how a realistic workload coming in from external clients with all its concurrency and contention problems and realistic timing relations can be tested on another database. This is the biggest highlight among the 11g New Features.  Oracle has invented a new technology which uses external clients to replay a workload that has been recorded as multiple streams in special external files. The capture includes the following requests coming in to the database system from all external clients:

  • SQL queries

  • PL/SQL blocks

  • Remote procedure calls

  • DML

  • DDL

  • Object Navigation requests

  • OCI calls

The following activities cannot be captured:

  • Direct path load of external files

  • Shared Server requests

  • Streams

  • Advanced Replication streams

  • Non PL/SQL AQ

  • Flashback queries

  • OCI based object navigations

  • Non SQL based object access

  • Distributed transactions

  • Remote describe/commit operations

Background processes and all internal activities of the instance and database are not captured.

Database replay using the command line

The technology behind database replay is a new executable plus two built in packages:

  • DBMS_WORKLOAD_CAPTURE is the recording infrastructure used for the capturing. The execute privilege is needed on this package for capturing a workload. Run the capture with sysRemote DBA privileges.

  • DBMS_WORKLOAD_REPLAY is used by the replay clients to replay the captured workload. The execute privilege is also needed on this package for replaying a workload.

  • Oracle uses the new executable $ORACLE_HOME/bin/wrc to start external clients reading the captured streams from the capture files.

The packages are created automatically if the database is created with DBCA. For a manually created database, run the script  $ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/admin/dbmswrr.sql to create the two packages.


This is an excerpt from the new book Oracle 11g New Features: Expert Guide to the Important New Features by John Garmany, Steve Karam, Lutz Hartmann, V. J. Jain, Brian Carr.

You can buy it direct from the publisher for 30% off.

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