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  11g Database Replay in the GUI

Oracle 11g New Features Tips by Burleson Consulting
June 27, 2008

Oracle 11g SQL New Features Tips

Real Application Testing is located in the Software and Support pane of the RAC instance. This is the location of the links for Database Replay as well as another link for SQL Performance Analyzer:

M The enterprise manager provides a Remote DBA with almost full control for workload            capture, preprocessing the capture files and replay. Only the starting of the            replay clients needs to be done manually from the shell.

Figure 14:  Software and Support Screen

Replay Database in the Enterprise Manager is a very straightforward procedure. OEM is a guide to workflow of workload capture and reply options step by step. For every step in detail, explanations are provided by the graphical interface:

Figure 15:  Active Capture and Replay Screen

Before capturing can begin, acknowledge the strongly recommended requirements in Figure 16:

Figure 16:  Plan Environment Screen

The next screen asks for confirmation for the restart of the database:

Figure 17:  Restart Database Screen

Then capture directory can be created in the GUI:

Figure 18:  Creating Capture Directory

A scheduler job will be created and the filter options can be set for the workload capture:

Figure 19:  Capture Workload Restart and Filter Options

After the capture has been stopped, look at the capture report and perform the preprocessing of the capture files :

Figure 20:  Preprocess Captured Workload Screen

After preprocessing has finished, the replay of the captured workload can be started. First acknowledge that this is located on the testing system and not on production:

Figure 21:  Replay Workload Prerequisites

The next screens shows the adjustment for the replay settings:

Figure 22:  Initial Replay Options Screen

After defining the replay parameters, start the replay clients. This must be done on the command line. The GUI will wait until at least one client is started:

Figure 23:  Preparing Replay Client Screen

Once the replay has started, navigate to the replay workload control page from where the replay can be monitored. Here is an overview of work done and have access to the connection mappings, replay parameters .

Figure 24:  Workload Profile et al Screen

. and reports for divergences and compare periods in detail:

Figure 25:  Capture and Replay Comparison Screen

From here, start investigating the divergences. Those could be errors which disappear in the replay or mutated, even new errors occurring on the testing system. Compare the number of processed rows for individual statements and use the advisors such as ADDM to compare and analyze the performance snapshots which were create during the capture and the replay run. This makes it easy for the Remote DBA to predict pitfalls beforehand even in very complicated environments.

M At the moment (April 2008), the Grid Control version for 11g is not available                yet and Database Control is the limit for now. 

This is an excerpt from the new book Oracle 11g New Features: Expert Guide to the Important New Features by John Garmany, Steve Karam, Lutz Hartmann, V. J. Jain, Brian Carr.

You can buy it direct from the publisher for 30% off.

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