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 Oracle Scheduler Job Priority
Oracle Tips by Burleson Consulting

Advanced Oracle Utilities: The Definitive Reference by Rampant TechPress is written by the top Oracle database experts (Bert Scalzo, Donald Burleson, and Steve Callan).  The following is an excerpt from the book.

Job Priorities

When several jobs within the same job class are scheduled to start at the same time, the job coordinator uses the job priority to decide which job to execute first.  In the following example, a job is created and its job_priority attribute is set to one using the set_attribute procedure.



  DBMS_SCHEDULER.create_job (

    job_name        => 'test_priority_job',

    job_type        => 'PLSQL_BLOCK',

    job_action      => 'BEGIN DBMS_LOCK.sleep(10); END;',

    start_date      => SYSTIMESTAMP,

    repeat_interval => 'freq=minutely;',

    end_date        => SYSTIMESTAMP + 1/48,

    enabled         => FALSE,

    comments        => 'Job used to test priorities.');


  DBMS_SCHEDULER.set_attribute (

    name      => 'test_priority_job',

    attribute => 'job_priority',

    value     => 1);


  DBMS_SCHEDULER.enable (name => 'test_priority_job');




The attribute can be set to any value in the range from one to five, in which one is the highest priority.  If a priority is not specified during the job creation, it is assigned the default value of three.


The priority of a job can be displayed using the dba_scheduler_jobs view, as shown by the following query:







order by




JOB_NAME                       JOB_PRIORITY

------------------------------ ------------

TEST_PRIORITY_JOB                         1

GATHER_STATS_JOB                          3

PURGE_LOG                                 3


This introduction to priorities illustrates that assigning a priority to jobs within a job class is easy.  The next section will present information on scheduler logging that is available as part of the Oracle scheduler.

Scheduler Logging

The Oracle scheduler logs a number of events including job maintenance, job run activity and window activity.  It also gives some degree of control over the level of logging performed by the scheduler.


The log_history scheduler attribute can be used to control the volume of historical logging information.  However, if a specific job or job class has a different history requirement, the set_attribute  procedure can be used to override this value.



  -- Alter log history for a specific job.

  DBMS_SCHEDULER.set_attribute (

    name      => 'test_job',

    attribute => 'log_history',

    value     => 30);


  -- Alter log history for a specific job class.

  DBMS_SCHEDULER.set_attribute (

    name      => 'test_job_class',

    attribute => 'log_history',

    value     => 90);




There are several types of scheduler logs which can be managed separately.  In the following sections, information will be presented on each type of logging available, starting with job logs.

r more details on Oracle utilities, see the book "Advanced Oracle Utilities" by Bert Scalzo, Donald K. Burleson, and Steve Callan.

You can buy it direct from the publisher for 30% off directly from Rampant TechPress.


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