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10046 Tracing

10046 tracing refers to setting event 10046 to a specific non-zero value in order to obtain information about a session.  Oracle Note 218105.1 states that events are primarily used to produce additional diagnostic information when insufficient information is available to resolve a given problem.  In this case, event 10046 will help identify what a session is doing and provide insight as to why it is taking longer than the user would like.  That same note also warns, “Do not use an Oracle Diagnostic Event unless directed to do so by Oracle Support Services or via a Support related article on Metalink.”   

In general, it is true that experimenting with different values for some events could cause headaches of massive proportions.  In this case, enough other experts have determined how this event works and how to use it safely in performance tuning activities that the directions in this book or other articles from reputable sources, such as Steve Adams www.ixora.com.au, and Cary Millsap www.hotsos.com, should be good resources. Part of the warning is due to the verbosity of the files produced by enabling this event.  The files that are generated can easily fill a mount point if care is not taken.  Setting this event to level 8 or 12 as directed in this book will provide wait information that will help identify the bottleneck for a process. 

“I wonder if 10046 tracing could help sort this out.” 

The wait interface provides the ability to look at the whole database and see who and what are the largest time-consumers.  By the way, 10046 tracing is sometimes pronounced, “one-hundred-forty-six tracing” instead of saying “ten-thousand-forty-six tracing,” which would be correct.  However said, it addresses the question of troubleshooting one specific session to see why it is taking so long to run.   

When it seems like everyone in the company is calling to ask why the database is so slow, don’t expect to respond that, based on 10046 the database is slow because of X.  10046 allows the review of one user session to determine what is making that particular session slow.  After identifying a key user whose process must be made faster first, tackle that process with a 10046 trace.

The above book excerpt is from:

Oracle Wait Event Tuning

High Performance with Wait Event Interface Analysis 

ISBN 0-9745993-7-9  

Stephen Andert 


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