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Another way to capture useful information on waits is using STATSPACK.  STATSPACK is a set of scripts, which allow the collection, automation, storage, review and clean up of performance data.  This is the replacement of the utlbstat.sql and utlestat.sql scripts from earlier releases of Oracle.  These scripts produced a report that has been used for tuning activities for several major releases of Oracle.  These scripts are still there, but the benefits of STATSPACK are so numerous, that it is much more commonly used.  STATSPACK can be used on any database 8.0.5 and later, although 8.0 users do not have the script with the database and will need to obtain it separately.

One of the issues that made utlbstat/utlestat challenging was that it was required to run one script to start a measurement period and another to end.  This activity produced a file that could then be analyzed to identify potential performance issues.  This was a problem since the snapshot was for a given time period, and all analysis had to be done based on that period. Obtaining a larger or smaller time frame including that period was not an option.  STATSPACK allows a “snapshot” of statistics to be obtained at 15-minute intervals for 4 hours, for example. This allows review of any period from 15 minutes through 4 hours in 15-minute increments.  This is helpful if after looking at a 4-hour window, more detail is desired. It allows the review of appropriate reporting windows in smaller sizes until the 15-minute interval that has the most-preferred information is reached.

Another benefit of STATSPACK that is significant for many organizations is that it comes free with Oracle.  With the proper knowledge, this tool can provide information that is vital to any Remote DBA attempting to resolve any performance problem.

The above book excerpt is from:

Oracle Wait Event Tuning

High Performance with Wait Event Interface Analysis 

ISBN 0-9745993-7-9  

Stephen Andert 


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