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Workspaces in Oracle9i 

Orcacle9i introduced the concept of a database workspace. A workspace is an environment for a long-term transaction that allows versioning of objects. A workspace can be shared among multiple users. The concept of workspace management involves a series of short transactions and multiple data versions to implement a complete long-transaction event that maintains atomicity and concurrency.       

The Workspace Manager (WKS) is installed by default in all seed and DBCA databases. (If you need it in a manually created database you must install it according with the installation guide in the Oracle9i Application Developers Guide--Workspace Manager, Release 1 9.0.1, PART# A88806-01, Oracle Corporation, June 2001.)      

Workspaces are monitored using the DBA_ view cluster associated with workspaces shown in Figure 11.9. OEM also provides a Workspace Manager interface accessible from the database listing of the main GUI.

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