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Tuning the Shared Pool

Missing a get on the data dictionary or shared pool area of the SGA is more costly than missing a get on a data buffer or waiting for a redo buffer. Therefore, here we will look at an SQL script that allows the Remote DBA to examine the current status of the data dictionary or shared pool area. This SQL script is shown in Source 13.1.      

Notice the following in Source 13.1: First, the script only selects statistics that have been used more than 100 times and where getmisses occurred. Obviously, if the parameter has had no getmisses, it should be satisfactory. (The factor of 100 gets was selected to ensure that the parameter has had enough activity to generate valid statistics.) Also notice that the percentage of misses is automatically calculated and reported for each parameter. If the Remote DBA desires, the percent value could be used to generate a decoded value of RAISE if the percent is greater than 10, or LOWER if the value is less than a predetermined value.

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