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Administration of Users

In order to access your database, an account must be created in the Oracle database for the user. The exceptions to this are the SYS and SYSTEM users, which are created by Oracle when the database is created. Users can be created, altered, and dropped. 

Creating Users 

Before you can create a user, you must have the CREATE USER privilege. You can

create users with the Oracle Enterprise Manager GUI, at the command line in SQL*Plus, or in Oracle Server Manager versions prior to 9i. The command syntax for creating a user is:

For example:

See Code Depot    

You need to assign each new user a password or indicate that operating system authentication will be used. Passwords are stored in the database in encrypted format and cannot be read by any user. The use of operating system authentication means that once your user has logged in at the operating system level, no user name or password will be required when logging in to the Oracle database. Users not assigned an Oracle password are designated as IDENTIFIED EXTERNALLY. Oracle depends upon the operating system for authentication of the user. In order to use external authentication, you must set the OS_AUTHENT_PREFIX in the database parameter file.     

Password security features were added to Oracle in versions 8 and 8i. In the example, the user’s password has been set to expired. This will require the user to reenter a different password on first login. By using a PROFILE with password security features enabled, we can force users to change passwords on a frequent basis and limit password reuse and password complexity.      

When you create a user, you can designate a specific tablespace as the DEFAULT tablespace for that user. The designation of a default tablespace means that all the objects created by that user will be placed in that tablespace unless the user specifically indicates that the database object be placed in another tablespace. If no default tablespace is indicated for a user, the SYSTEM tablespace will be the default for that user.


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