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  Oracle Tips by Burleson

Revoking Grants  

When system privileges are passed to others using the WITH ADMIN OPTION, revoking the system privileges from the original user will not cascade. The system privileges granted to others must be revoked directly. In contrast, when object privileges are passed on to others using the WITH GRANT OPTION, they are revoked when the grantor’s privileges are revoked.  


It is important to remember that only object privileges will cascade when revoked; system privileges will not.

When the WITH ADMIN OPTION or WITH GRANT OPTION has been included in a grant to another user, it cannot be revoked directly. You must revoke the privilege and then issue another grant without the WITH ADMIN OPTION or WITH GRANT OPTION.      

The command-line syntax for revoking a system privilege is:

REVOKE system_priv_list 

FROM user_list|PUBLIC;      

For example:

REVOKE create table

FROM   admin_Remote DBA;     

In order to revoke an object privilege, you must either be the owner of the object, have granted that privilege to that user with the WITH GRANT OPTION, or have the GRANT ANY PRIVILEGE system privilege.    

You can revoke object and system privileges with Server Manager or at the command line in SQL*Plus. The command-line syntax for revoking an object privilege is:

For example:

See Code Depot

When the object privilege REFERENCES has been granted, you must specify CASCADE CONSTRAINTS in order to drop the foreign-key constraints that were created.


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