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Monitoring Table Keys   

Per the requirements of Third Normal Form, each table is required to have a unique identifier that consists of one or more of the table’s columns. As an alternative, a derived key can be used that consists of a number pulled from an Oracle sequence, but this method should be used only if the key would be excessively long (over three columns). This is called the primary key of the table, and it should be identified using a constraint clause when the table is created. A second type of key, called a foreign key, is also present in most tables. The foreign key is used to enforce relationships between two or more tables. The foreign key consists of the primary key from the related table. The foreign key, too, should be identified by a constraint clause when the table is created.     

If the two types of keys have been identified via the constraint clause during table creation, they can be readily monitored via the PK_FK_RPT.SQL script, which is available on the Wiley Web site.

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