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Using the V$ and DB_ Views to Monitor Tablespaces 

The DBA needs to monitor more than just users. Tablespaces also require watching, because they are not unchanging objects. They are subject to becoming filled and/or fragmented. The Oracle Administrator toolbar provides for a GUI-based monitoring of tablespaces via the Storage Manager (see Figure 11.4). Unfortunately, it provides no report output. Luckily, it is a fairly easy thing to monitor tablespaces using the V$ and DB_ views. Look at Figure 11.5, which shows the DBA_ views that relate to tablespaces, as we examine a script or two that provide us with information we can put our hands on. 

Figure 11.4 Oracle Enterprise Manager Storage Manager screen.

Figure 11.5 DBA_TABLESPACES view cluster. 

Monitoring Tablespace Freespace and Fragmentation

Let’s begin by examining a report that covers two critical parameters, available space and fragmentation. The OEM GUI includes a tablespace map feature that gives this information graphically and can be printed in a report format; this is shown in Figure 11.6. An example of the OEM tablespace analysis report is shown in Figure 11.7.

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