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  Oracle Tips by Burleson

Region Pos 1

Notice in Figure 12.8 that the Region Pos 1 region is rendered above the text Before Regions Process Point.  This is significant because to use computations or processes to set a page item in the Region Pos 1 region, execution points of before header or after header must be used.  Trying to set page items in the Region Pos 1 region with any other execution points would fail.

Before Regions Computations and Processes

Keeping an eye on Figure 12.8, notice that the Template Body 1 region is rendered after the text BeforeRegions Process Point.  Therefore, computations and processes can be used in the before regions execution point to set page item values in the Template Body 1 region.

After Regions Computations and Processes

Throughout this book, many regions were created in the same position as Template Body 1 .  This is because this position is the default location when a new location is created, and most often it is simply accepted.  Actually the default is Template Body 3, but they are both part of the box body, the #BOX_BODY# substitution string in page templates. 

There will come a time when a developer will create a region in this location or execution point and try to set page item values with an After Regions computation or process.  This would be in error, but it happens.  What will happen is that when the web page is refreshed, the page item will then have a value.  This is because when the page is rendered the first time, the session state of the page item in the Template Body 1 region was set to after the region was rendered. 

However, when the page refreshed, the page item was populated with the value from session state.  This could give a false indication that the change is working.  What really needs to be done is to either move the computation or process to a before regions execution point or move the region down to be after the after regions execution point.

The after regions execution point is used to set page item values rendered after this execution point.  It can reference any page item that is rendered prior to this execution point.

The above book excerpt is from:

Easy HTML-DB Oracle Application Express

Create Dynamic Web Pages with OAE

ISBN 0-9761573-1-4   

Michael Cunningham & Kent Crotty


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