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EnterpriseDB: Object Identifier (OID)

Oracle Tips by Burleson Consulting


OID is an abbreviation of Object Identifier.  EnterpriseDB uses this special numeric type as an internal Primary Key for system tables.  This OID does NOT correspond to a ROWID.  You should NOT use this special type as a primary key for your tables.  You can however use it for certain specific functions, such as emulating BFILE support (described below in the Binary Data Types Section).

If we were to create a table with the numeric types we have discussed, it would look like this:

CREATE TABLE number_table (
  small_num      NUMBER(5),
  big_num        NUMBER(25),
  really_big_num NUMBER,
  number_float   NUMBER(15,5),
  int_field      INTEGER,
  real_float     REAL,
  double_float   DOUBLE PRECISION,
  oid_field      OID );

* Note that DOUBLE PRECSION has a space between DOUBLE and PRECISION and not an underbar (_).

We can insert into our table. I won't insert an OID just yet.  I'll do that further below in the binary section.

INSERT INTO number_table (
  small_num, big_num, really_big_num, number_float, int_field, real_float, double_float)

  ( 12345, 1234567890, 12345678901234567890, 123456.1234, 1234, 109283.2364, 1283723266252533.8372326362636262632);

And we can select them: 

SELECT small_num,
  FROM number_table;

The results of running the above commands: 

edb=# CREATE TABLE number_table (
edb(#   small_num      NUMBER(5),
edb(#   big_num        NUMBER(25),
edb(#   really_big_num NUMBER,
edb(#   number_float   NUMBER(15,5),
edb(#   int_field      INTEGER,
edb(#   real_float     REAL,
edb(#   double_float   DOUBLE PRECISION,
edb(#   oid_field      OID );


edb=# INSERT INTO number_table (
edb(#   small_num, big_num, really_big_num, number_float, int_field, real_float, double_float )
edb-#   VALUES
edb-#   ( 12345, 1234567890, 12345678901234567890, 123456.1234, 1234, 109283.2364, 1283723266252533.
edb=# SELECT small_num,
edb-#        big_num,
edb-#        really_big_num,
edb-#        number_float,
edb-#        int_field,
edb-#        real_float,
edb-#        double_float
edb-#   FROM number_table;

 small_num |  big_num   |    really_big_num    | number_float | int_field | real_float
|     double_float
12345 | 1234567890 | 12345678901234567890 | 123456.12340 |      1234 |     109283 | 1.283723266

(1 row)


Date and Time Data

We will primarily be working with three kinds of date/time data types:  date, timestamp and interval.

This is an excerpt from the book "EnterpriseDB: The Definitive Reference" by Rampant TechPress.

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