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EnterpriseDB Replication Server

Oracle Tips by Burleson Consulting

The EnterpriseDB Replication Server is a tool that allows you to synchronize the data in multiple databases.  The EnterpriseDB Replication Server can replicate data between EnterpriseDB and Oracle databases.  Currently, only Single Master Replication is supported.    

EnterpriseDB replication does not provide automated failover.  It does support manual swap-over of active stand by databases and it also allows customers to keep databases synchronized for reporting and other hot uses.

I will cover, in much greater detail, the EnterpriseDB Replication Server in chapter 7.

EnterpriseDB Developer Studio

The EnterpriseDB Developer Studio is an EnterpriseDB developer's best friend.  The Developer Studio is a cross platform IDE for SQL, PL/SQL, SPL, and the PostgreSQL procedural language, PL/pgSQL. 

EnterpriseDB Studio can connect to EnterpriseDB, PostgreSQL and Oracle databases concurrently and comes with a source level debugger.  You can also perform maintenance functions such as backup and restore using the Developer Studio.

I will be using Developer Studio for much of the remainder of the book and I will cover it in great detail in chapter 3.

EnterpriseDB Migration Toolset

The EnterpriseDB Migration Toolset allows you to connect to an Oracle database and extract all or part of a schema into an EnterpriseDB database.  You can extract tables, views, procedures, constraints and just about anything else you need to run your application.

I will cover the EnterpriseDB Migration Toolset in chapter 8 and we will migrate an application (TimeTraker) in chapter 9.


Documentation is available on the EnterpriseDB.com site under Support.  The documentation is very readable and should be familiar to PostgreSQL developers.

For Oracle developers and Remote DBAs who are used to the Oracle Technology Network (OTN), you might be surprised that the documentation all fits in a single document.  It's all there though.

For those new to SQL, there is a very basic tutorial in the documentation.  It's brief but worth reading.  I will have some tutorial information in later chapters.  EnterpriseDB ships with a sample schema that will be VERY familiar to Oracle developers.  I will use that schema for many of my examples.

This is an excerpt from the book "EnterpriseDB: The Definitive Reference" by Rampant TechPress.

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