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EnterpriseDB: Restarting the Database

Oracle Tips by Burleson Consulting

If you need to restart the database, you can run the Restart Database icon under the Expert Setting menu option.  You would normally only need to run this if something is stuck or you have edited your option files.

pg_ctl restart -w -D /opt/EnterpriseDB/8.1/data -m smart  
/opt/EnterpriseDB/8.1/bin$ pg_ctl restart -w -D /opt/EnterpriseDB/8.1/data -m smart
waiting for edb-postmaster to shut down..... done
edb-postmaster stopped
2006-11-05 15:58:25 LOG:  logger shutting down
waiting for edb-postmaster to start...2006-11-05 15:58:28 LOG: 

        ** EnterpriseDB Dynamic Tuning Agent ********************************************
        *       System Utilization: 33 %                                               
        *         Database Version:                                           
        * Operating System Version: Linux                                              
        *     Number of Processors: 2                                                  
        *           Processor Type: x86 Family 15 Model 4 Stepping 1, GenuineIntel     
        *   Processor Architecture: x86                                                
        *                      RAM: 1.5    GB                                          
        *       Max DB Connections: 100                                       
        *               Autovacuum: off                                                
        *       Autovacuum Naptime: 60   Seconds                                       
edb-postmaster started

Reloading the Database

Reloading the database means to reload the configuration files.  If you need to reload the database, you will need to call pg_ctl.exe directly.

pg_ctl reload -D c:\enterprisedb\8.1\data
C:\EnterpriseDB\8.1\dbserver\bin>pg_ctl reload -D c:\EnterpriseDB\8.1\data|edb-postmaster signaled 

Killing the Database

It is preferable to Stop the database rather than kill the database.  If you try to stop the database with a Shutdown and that doesn’t work, you can try Shutdown Fast and Shutdown Immediate.  If these do not work, you may resort to kill.   

If the database is killed, it will have to be recovered.

pg_ctl kill INT 3036
C:\EnterpriseDB\8.1\dbserver\bin>type ..\..\data\postmaster.pid
  5444001      1872
C:\EnterpriseDB\8.1\dbserver\bin>pg_ctl kill INT 3036
C:\EnterpriseDB\8.1\dbserver\bin>2006-11-05 16:13:14 LOG:  logger shutting down

Getting Database Status

Status will show you if a database is running in the specified directory and what the command line to start it was.  This can be useful but the Remote DBA Management Server is much more useful to get status. 

Here is a sample of the command line and response for two scenarios: a database is running and a database not running.

Database is running:

C:\EnterpriseDB\8.1\dbserver>bin\pg_ctl status -D c:\EnterpriseDB\8.1\data
pg_ctl: edb-postmaster is running (PID: 1296)
C:/EnterpriseDB/8.1/dbserver/bin/edb-postmaster.exe "-D" "C:/EnterpriseDB/8.1/data" "-p" "5444"

Database is not running:

C:\EnterpriseDB\8.1\dbserver>bin\pg_ctl status -D c:\EnterpriseDB\8.1\data

pg_ctl: neither edb-postmaster nor edb-postgres running

This is an excerpt from the book "EnterpriseDB: The Definitive Reference" by Rampant TechPress.

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