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EnterpriseDB Support Discussion

Oracle Tips by Burleson Consulting

Speaking of the support group and how skilled they are, I had the opportunity to ask some questions of Shahzad Khokhar, the VP of Customer Support at EnterpriseDB.   

I asked Shahzad which category of question the support group dealt with most often.  Shahzad said, “The most common category of questions is around Oracle compatibility features. Customers are pleasantly surprised to learn that most of the compatibility features work right out of the box. For the small set of features where this is not true, we are able to provide compatible alternatives, which makes migration a breeze. Customers love the fact that they can leverage their existing software and personnel skills in addition to saving license costs.”

That follows with what I have been saying about WHY EnterpriseDB is such a good choice.

I also asked Shahzad what he would recommend to someone just starting to work with EnterpriseDB that would allow them to get the most out of EnterpriseDB’s support offerings.

“EnterpriseDB has several levels of support resources available for customers to get started quickly. Firstly, all database server and tools products are readily available for download from our website. As customers work with our products, they can get detailed product information by utilizing our on-line "search-able" documentation. We also host several discussion forums on our web site that are accessible to all customers.  Additionally, for subscribed customers, we provide two levels of support.”

Shahzad also shared some select quotes from various customers with me so I thought I would share them here.

* "We've been working with IBM on resolving a problem with their DB2 UDB Workgroup Edition for 6 months and they couldn't stop our database from crashing. Yours works."

* "Excellent customer service is a rare thing these days, but you guys are doing a stellar job. Keep up the good work!"

* "This is the fastest response I have received from any customer support organization in the last 12 years."

* "Thank you for your great support for this successful migration process."

* "Wow! Bulls-eye! Yes, the Run As services was disabled. Re-booted, started the services and re-ran the install. Worked flawlessly! Terrific support, thanks again for your help."

* "You provide better pre-sales support than some companies (notably Business Objects and IBM) paid support."

* "I know I've never worked with such a great support org."


This has been a brief introduction to EnterpriseDB, the EnterpriseDB Data Server, EnterpriseDB.com and the EnterpriseDB Network. 

EnterpriseDB is based on the world-class open source database, PostgreSQL, and provides Oracle syntax compatibility integrated with enterprise class tools.  EnterpriseDB gives you scalability, reliability and compatibility all in a single affordable package.

PostgreSQL gives you two decades of proven reliability and scalability.  PostgreSQL has been running real world applications in academic and government installations for years and is growing in the enterprise year by year.

The EnterpriseDB compatibility features allow you to mix Oracle, PostgreSQL and ANSI syntax in a single database.  Your Oracle applications can run mostly unchanged and mingled with other PostgreSQL based applications.

SPL, the EnterpriseDB procedural language that gives you syntax compatibility with PL/SQL, is growing in functionality at a rapid rate.  PL/SQL is a robust, dynamic language that offers all of the features required to build real database applications.

With the information in this chapter, you now know where to get EnterpriseDB, how to pay for EnterpriseDB and where to go when you have questions or issues.  EnterpriseDB and the EnterpriseDB Network offer world-class support via several venues:  email, forums and telephone.

Support is available based on your needs.  With two levels of licensing at very affordable prices, EnterpriseDB empowers you to choose the support that meets your needs.

This is the end of the "wordy", touchy-feely portion of the book.  You should now have decent understanding about what EnterpriseDB offers.  The rest of this book will be hands on and technically oriented.

In the next chapter, we will see how to install EnterpriseDB on both MS-Windows and Linux (Debian based).  We will walk through the installation procedures, the installed components and the EnterpriseDB architecture.


This is an excerpt from the book "EnterpriseDB: The Definitive Reference" by Rampant TechPress.

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