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Why EnterpriseDB?

Oracle Tips by Burleson Consulting

Now that we know EnterpriseDB is reliable, scalable and compatible, is that the only reason to use it?

For the Company

EnterpriseDB is affordable.  I will cover EnterpriseDB licensing in detail below.  For now, suffice it to say that it is dramatically cheaper than Oracle. A free version of EnterpriseDB is available.  This version has similar limitations as Oracle XE and SQL Server Express:  6GB of data, 1GB of RAM and 1 CPU. 

Stepping up from there are several support packages that you must buy if your needs move beyond the free version.  The most expensive package is still dramatically cheaper than an Oracle license.  And where Oracle's licensing makes you pay for the power of the machine, EnterpriseDB's licensing is static.  You pay the same price per CPU regardless of how many your machine has or what kind of CPU it runs on.

Support and compatibility means that you, as a company, can protect your investment in your applications and in your employees' skills.  You may not choose to migrate, but you can.  Moreover, if you do, you can migrate to an enterprise class database and have enterprise class support to help you.

With EnterpriseDB’s Replication Server, you can choose to run EnterpriseDB and Oracle side-by-side.  You may choose to use Oracle as your OLTP system and offload your reporting and analytical processing by replicating to EnterpriseDB.  You may also choose to use Oracle for your larger data warehouses and use EnterpriseDB for your smaller OLTP and departmental applications. 

You can also choose to migrate your DB2 and SQL Server applications to EnterpriseDB.  While I am concentrating on Oracle and EnterpriseDB compatibility in this book, EnterpriseDB has a lot to offer companies using any enterprise-class database.  Ask your EnterpriseDB representative for success stories of companies moving away from other databases.

The choice of how you use EnterpriseDB is yours and that choice does not need to be an all or nothing.   Run EnterpriseDB for a smaller application and see how it fits.  Migrate one or two applications at a time.  Make the choice that best fits your organization.

For the Developer

The availability of EnterpriseDB and SPL gives the developer a new market for his or her skills.  In the past, an Oracle developer was an Oracle developer and a PostgreSQL developer was a PostgreSQL developer.  With the introduction of EnterpriseDB, an Oracle developer can be productive immediately in a PostgreSQL environment. 

EnterpriseDB applications can run side by side with Oracle applications and PostgreSQL applications.  Oracle and EnterpriseDB data can be shared via EnterpriseDB Replication. 

And for the inner geek in all of us, PostgreSQL is open source.  If you want to dig through the base code, you can.  EnterpriseDB is not open source but if you want access to the source code, you can pay to get it. 

However, the source code for several EnterpriseDB tools is open source.  The Remote DBA Management Server, the Developer Studio IDE and the Debugger are all open source and downloadable from the EnterpriseDB web site.  No license required.

For the Consultant

EnterpriseDB gives the consultant more choice for his clients.  If the client is concerned about having the source code, having enterprise support and having Oracle compatibility, EnterpriseDB is the choice.

For the price conscious client, the reasons are much the same as for a company looking to its bottom line. 

For the ISV

It should be obvious by now what the benefits to an ISV are.  With minimal, and possibly no changes to an application, an ISV can sell its product to a potentially new market segment. 

I once worked for a small ERP vendor.  The product was a solid, visually rich, reliable application.  The target market was small to medium companies.  The database cost more than the application.

For an ISV, EnterpriseDB can open a whole new range of options.  It's a win-win situation for ISV and client alike.


This is an excerpt from the book "EnterpriseDB: The Definitive Reference" by Rampant TechPress.

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