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Differences between ADOdb, Library and Microsoft ADO

Oracle Tips by Burleson Consulting

  • ADOdb only supports recordsets created by a connection object. Recordsets cannot be created independently.

  • ADO properties are implemented as functions in ADOdb. This makes it easier to implement any enhanced ADO functionality in the future.

  • ADOdb’s ADORecordSet->Move()uses absolute positioning, not relative. Bookmarks are not supported.

  • ADORecordSet->AbsolutePosition()cannot be used to move the record cursor.

  • ADO Parameter objects are not supported. Instead the ADOConnection::Parameter() function is available, which provides a simpler interface for calling preparing parameters and calling stored procedures.

Recordset properties for paging records are available, but not fully implemented.

The reader should be aware that full object orientation was not available before PHP5 and that PHP5 is still very new.  Bugs should be expected and reported. Both PEAR DB and ADOdb are developing and improving in both usability and quality. These feature by feature comparisons should not be taken at their face value, only as guidelines. 


The above book excerpt is from  "Easy Oracle PHP: Creating Dynamic Web Pages with Oracle Data". 

You can buy it direct from the publisher for 50%-off and get instant access to the code depot of Oracle tuning scripts:



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