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Differences between ADOdb, ADO and PEAR

Oracle Tips by Burleson Consulting

Many times, people ask for feature by feature comparisons between software products such as packages and libraries. The comparisons found in this chapter are meant to answer these questions. They are taken directly from the ADOdb documentation without any comments or changes.  The impression is that PEAR DB is easier to use, yet ADOdb is more feature rich.  Both libraries are still in development and will present the best they can offer.



ADOdb 4.52

General Style

Simple, easy to use. Lacks Oracle specific functionality.

Has multi-tier design. Simple high-level design for beginners, and also lower-level advanced Oracle functionality.

Support for Prepare

Yes, but only on one statement, as the last prepare overwrites previous prepares.

Yes (multiple simultaneous prepare's allowed)

Support for LOBs


Yes, using update semantics

Support for REF Cursors



Support for IN Parameters



Support for OUT Parameters



Schema creation using XML


Yes, including ability to define tablespaces and constraints

Provides database portability features


Yes, has some ability to abstract features that differ between databases such as dates, bind parameters, and data types.

Performance monitoring and tracing


Yes. SQL can be traced and linked to web page it was executed on. Explain plan support included.

Recordset caching for frequently used queries


Yes. Provides great speedups for SQL involving complex where, group-by and order-by clauses.


Yes, part of PEAR release

Yes, many open source projects are using this software, including PostNuke, Xaraya, Mambo, Tiki Wiki.


Medium speed.

Very high speed. Fastest database abstraction library available for PHP.

High Speed Extension available


Yes. You can install the ADOdb extension, which implements the most frequently used parts of ADOdb as fast C code.

Table 5.1: Comparison of PEAR DB 1.6 and ADOdb 4.52 libraries

The ADOdb library has much better support for exceptions and PHP5. PEAR DB is still, essentially a PHP4 library, while ADOdb has full support for PHP5 features.


The above book excerpt is from  "Easy Oracle PHP: Creating Dynamic Web Pages with Oracle Data". 

You can buy it direct from the publisher for 50%-off and get instant access to the code depot of Oracle tuning scripts:



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