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Display rows processed and disk reads for an index

Oracle Tips by Burleson Consulting

Oracle 11g and Expert Systems Technology

Earl Shaffer of  OracleMan Consulting offers this handy script to display the disk reads and rows processed for a specific index.

clear break

col begintvtm heading 'Interval|Time|Begin' format a8

col objnm  heading 'Index Name' format a30

col dskrdstot heading 'Disk|Reads' format 99,999,999

col rwsprctot heading 'Proc-ed|Rows' format 99,999,999

break on begintvtm

spool indexsqlsnap.lis


 to_char(s.begin_interval_time,'mm-dd hh24') begintvtm ,

 p.object_name objnm ,

 sum(t.disk_reads_total) dskrdstot,

 sum(t.rows_processed_total) rwsprctot


 dba_hist_sql_plan p,

 dba_hist_sqlstat t,

 dba_hist_snapshot s


 p.sql_id = t.sql_id and

 t.snap_id = s.snap_id and

 p.object_type like '%INDEX%'

group by

 to_char(s.begin_interval_time,'mm-dd hh24'),


order by

 begintvtm ,

 dskrdstot desc,



spool off

ttitle off

clear col

clear break

set echo on feedback on lines 80 pages 60




Time                                                                Disk     Proc-ed
Begin               Index Name                             Reads   Rows
--------              ------------------------------                       ------     -----------
02-12 14          I_IDL_UB11                           3,930   6,808
                        I_TYPE2                                  2,481   0
                        I_USER2                                 2,344   2,093
                        I_IDL_UB21                           1,362   3,828
                        I_OBJ4                                                1,100   948
                        I_IND1                                                886      948
                        I_LINK1                                  876      946
                        I_SUM$_1                               876      946
                        I_OBJ#_INTCOL#                  566      25,263
                        I_OBJ1                                                554      10,366
                        MGMT_TARGETS_PK           451      0


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