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The Oracle Masters programs are especially useful in that they take the guesswork out of which classes you should take. Consult with Oracle training about schedules and classes. For large Oracle installations with large numbers of developers and administrators, Oracle, and vendors such as Burleson Consulting, will provide on-site classes that may significantly reduce your training costs. Another good program is the Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) Remote DBA certification program. For a fee, you can go to any Sylvan Learning Center and take a set of examinations that will determine if you have the prerequisite knowledge to be a Remote DBA on Oracle. However, if you donít have at least two years of experience in Oracle and some training, donít waste your money. I have taken these exams; they arenít a piece of cake by any means.

If you have training on-site, donít allow outside interruptions to intrude upon the class. These can be disruptive and are rude to the instructor. Besides, it wastes your training money.

Would you allow a first-time driver to just jump into the car and drive off? It is amazing how many sites turn new and complex systems over to personnel with perhaps a good background in databases but no experience whatsoever in Oracle. Yes, there are generic issues, but there are enough details specific to Oracle alone that training is highly recommended. If it costs $20,000 to fully train a Remote DBA, isnít it worth it? How much money would it cost if the system were down for several days while an inexperienced Remote DBA pored through the manuals and tried to communicate intelligently with the Oracle help line? What if a critical application were destroyed because of something the Remote DBA did or didnít do? At one site, an experienced Remote DBA, new to the Oracle database system, didnít follow the normal database datafile-naming convention recommended by Oracle. Even though backups were taken, they didnít get the one SYSTEM datafile that was named incorrectly. As a result, when an application required recovery due to data corruption, the system couldnít be restored. This resulted in the users abandoning the application and investing hundreds of hours reinventing it on Mac systems.

In my incarnation as a sysop on the Remote DBAPipeline at www.revealnet.com and the lazyRemote DBA and Metalink forums I assist with, I answer newbie questions on a daily basis that can usually be answered by looking at the manuals. Donít waste support analystsí (and my) time by asking us questions that you can answer yourself. Besides, I have found I learn better if I look it up rather than have someone tell me; Iím sure you have had the same experience. If you ask a question that is easily looked up in Oracle manuals, I may answer ďRTFM,Ē which stands for "Read the f****** manual."

This is an excerpt by Mike Aultís book ďOracle9i Administration & ManagementĒ.  If you want more current Oracle tips by Mike Ault, check out his new book ďMike Aultís Oracle Internals Monitoring & Tuning ScriptsĒ or Aultís Oracle Scripts Download.

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