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 Oracle job responsibilities

What Is the Number of Users—Administrative, Developer, and Application? 
We’ve already looked at the responsibilities of the Remote DBA or administrative user; now we need to answer what are the normal responsibilities of the other user types? According to the Oracle8 Server Administrator’s Guide, they are:

Oracle Developmental Responsibilities

1. Design and develop database applications.
2. Design the database structure for an application.
3. Estimate storage requirements for an application.
4. Specify modifications of the database structures for an application.
5. Keep the database administrator informed of required changes.
6. Tune the application (not the database!) during development.
7. Establish an application’s security requirements during development.

Application User’s Responsibilities

1. Enter, modify, and delete data, where permitted.
2. Generate reports of data.

All Oracle databases have three types of users: administrative, developmental, and application. As their names imply, administrative users administer and maintain the database itself; developmental users develop applications and systems; and application users use the developed applications and systems.

These three types of users have different needs. The space and disk needs of a developer are usually greater than those of an application user. A developer system may get by with a smaller SGA because, generally speaking, developers will work with a subset of all the data expected, while a production database user will need a larger SGA because the data set is much larger. Administrative users usually have the same quotas as a developmental user, but their privileges are greater.

The number of each of these types of users will tell you about required SGA sizing, disk resource requirements, and required system memory.

What Is the Number and Placement of Control Files? 

Control files are probably the smallest and most important files in the Oracle system. They contain the following data:

  • Names of the database and redo log files
  • Timestamp of database creation
  • Begin/end of rollback segments
  • Checkpoint information
  • Current redo log file sequence number

This data is critical for database operation, and at least one control file is required for database startup. There are methods for rebuilding a control file, but it is much easier to maintain--or rather have Oracle maintain--multiple copies of the control file.

Oracle recommends two copies on separate disk resources. For OFA compliance, three are required. Obviously, if they are on the same platter or are placed in the same stripe set, the same disaster can waste all of them; therefore, they should be placed on different physical disk arrays if possible. More than three copies is a bit paranoid, but if it makes you feel safer, have as many as you wish; only one usable, current file is required for startup.

This is an excerpt by Mike Ault’s book “Oracle9i Administration & Management”.  If you want more current Oracle tips by Mike Ault, check out his new book “Mike Ault’s Oracle Internals Monitoring & Tuning Scripts” or Ault’s Oracle Scripts Download.

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