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Robert Freeman



Robert Freeman is available for custom consulting and is a recognized expert in all areas of Oracle technology.  Freeman is the author of "Oracle Replication" and "Easy Oracle Jumpstart", a great new book for beginner Remote DBA's.

Optimizer Improvements

Oracle8i introduced the DBMS_STATS package, that gathers more detailed statistics on database objects. Indeed, Oracle recommends the use of DBMS_STATS over the ANALYZE command.

Outlines are supported in Oracle8i. Outlines allow you to store and reuse execution plans related to Oracle SQL statements. This can stabilize certain SQL statements where performance tends to vary due to plan changes after a database analysis.

Tablespace Improvements

Locally managed tablespaces (LMT) are now available in Oracle8i. Dictionary managed tablespaces are still the default though. LMT’s can reduce data dictionary activity related to internal Oracle tablespace space management. There are two different ways of managing extents in LMT’s, either uniform or system managed. With Uniform extent size management, Oracle will create equi-sized extents of a size you define when you create the tablespace. With system managed, Oracle will allocate the extent sizes on it’s own, starting with 64k extents on each object. As extents are added, Oracle will increase the size of the extents.

Transportable tablespaces are introduced in Oracle8i. This feature allows you to transport tablespaces between different Oracle databases. Several restrictions exist on this feature however.

Other Improvements

The alter table move command allows you to move a table to a new tablespace. This command is not an online command, so this can cause your database to experience a long outage.

You can drop columns in tables using the alter table drop column.

The V$SESSION_LONGOPS view is new in Oracle8i. This view allows you to estimate the completion of some long running operations. Unfortunately, many Remote DBA kinds of operations never show up in this view.




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