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Avoid Bad Timing

Firing an employee soon after some other event such as the IT employee filing a complaint regarding unlawful conduct or discrimination will certainly have the appearance of retaliation. Employees have the right to protection from retaliation for whistle-blowing and reporting discrimination.

Supervisors and managers should receive training to heighten their awareness of the possible implications of event timing. Bad timing of events can easily be misconstrued as retaliation even if there was never any such intent. Therefore, awareness, thoughtful actions, and the integrity of IT management will provide the best remedy for the bad timing of events.

Treat Fired Employees with Respect

Computer professionals that are mistreated at any time during the processes of progressive discipline or employment termination will be much more likely to sue the employer. Some common mistakes made in this area that must be avoided include:

  • Not coaching employees on policy violations.

  • Not allowing the employee to respond to allegations.

  • Firing the individual near a significant holiday.

  • Not allowing terminated employees to retrieve their personal belongings.

  • The manager discussing the termination with other employees not involved in the case.

  • The manager making degrading comments to anyone about the fired or soon-to-be-fired employee.

The above book excerpt is from:

You're Fired! Firing Computer Professionals

The IT manager Guide for Terminating "With Cause"

ISBN 0-9744486-4-8

Robert Papaj 


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