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Automating Oracle

Oracle Tips by Mike Ault

 Automating the Shared Pool Flush

  OPEN get_time;
  FETCH get_time INTO todays_date;
  INSERT INTO Remote DBA_running_stats VALUES (
   'Flush of Shared Pool',mem_ratio,35,todays_date,0);
END flush_it;

Figure 3: Flush_it Procedure

The flush_it procedure accepts one input value, the percentage full at which to flush the pool. When submitted, the flush_it procedure calculates the amount of shared pool being used based on values extracted from the V$SGASTAT view and compares this to the overall size specified for the shared pool in V$PARAMETER. If the ratio between these two values exceeds the specified percent full, the DBMS_SQL package is used to issue the ALTER SYSTEM FLUSH SHARED_POOL command to the database. Once the pool is flushed an entry is appended into the Remote DBA_RUNNING_STATS table to show that a flush was initiated.


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