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Checking Server Trends by Hour

Oracle Tips by Burleson Consulting

Returning to our basic script, we can easily modify it to capture CPU usage, averaged by hour of the day. Note that all we need to do is to change the date format mask from ’yyyy-mm-dd’ to ’HH24.’


connect perfstat/perfstat;
set pages 9999;

set feedback off;
set verify off;

column my_date heading 'date' format a20
column c2      heading runq   format 999
column c3      heading pg_in  format 999
column c4      heading pg_ot  format 999
column c5      heading usr    format 999
column c6      heading sys    format 999
column c7      heading idl    format 999
column c8      heading wt     format 999

   to_char(start_date,'HH24') my_date,
-- avg(runque_waits)       c2
--  avg(page_in)            c3
-- avg(page_out)           c4,
avg(user_cpu + system_cpu)           c5
-- avg(system_cpu)         c6,
-- avg(idle_cpu)           c7,
-- avg(wait_cpu)           c8
group  BY
order by

Now, when we run this script, we get the average CPU usage data:

date                  usr
-------------------- ----
00                     15
01                     13
02                     13
03                     16
04                     15
05                     14
06                     13
07                     14
08                     17
09                     20
10                     21
11                     21
12                     31
13                     34
14                     37
15                     34
16                     21
17                     21
18                     22
19                     21
20                     19
21                     18
22                     16
23                     15

When we plot this data, we clearly see the server gets very busy each day at noon and continues until 3:00 p.m. (see Figure 15-11).

Figure 15-124: A plot of CPU use by hour of the day

Next, let's modify the script and see trends by day of the week.

Plotting Server Statistics by Day of the Week

Next, we change the dat string from ’HH24’ to ’day’. This will aggregate the statistics by day of the week. When we run the script, we see the average CPU by day of the week.

date                  usr
-------------------- ----
friday                 18
monday                 53
saturday               14
sunday                 14
thursday               20
tuesday                55
wednesday              20

When we plot this data, we see that Monday and Tuesday are the busiest processing days of the week (see Figure 15-12).

Figure 15-125: A plot of CPU % by day of week

This is an excerpt from "Oracle9i High Performance tuning with STATSPACK" by Oracle Press.

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