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Web Server Alert Report

Oracle Tips by Burleson Consulting

In a production web environment, it is often useful to alert the staff whenever a program aborts. The script that follows is generally executed every five minutes. The webserver_alert.ksh script can be customized to search the dump file location for any Pro*C, C++, or Perl programs. The script requires these modifications:

  • Change the e-mail addresses to match those belonging to the people who want to be notified of program dumps.

  • Change /usr/src/asp/core to the name and location of core files on your Web server.

This script is simple, but quite important. It searches for a core file and instantly e-mails it to alert the staff about a production abort.



MYDATE=`date +"%Y%m%d"`

SERVER=`uname -a|awk '{print $2}'`

if [ -f /usr/src/asp/core ]

   # Move the file to a dated location . . .
   mv /usr/src/asp/core /tmp/core_$MYDATE

   # send an e-mail to the administrator
   head /tmp/core_$MYDATE|\
   mail -s "EMERGENCY - WebServer $SERVER abort in /tmp/core_$MYDATE"\
      don@remote-Remote DBA.net\

Next, let’s examine a daemon script that can poll every five minutes for buffer busy waits.

Buffer Busy Waits Alerts

One of the shortcomings of STATSPACK is that it measures waits only at the system-wide level. If you want to track buffer busy waits and sequential read waits with the block_id, you need to run a real-time script every five minutes to search for such waits. Once you get the block ID, you can dump the block, get the name of the object, and add additional freelists to the object.

The get_busy.ksh script displays any buffer busy waits that happen to be occurring when the script is executed and e-mails the information to the Oracle Remote DBA. The Remote DBA can then use the details provided in Chapter 10 to locate the specific block where the buffer busy wait occurred.

This short script performs these steps:

1.                  First, the script sets the sample time between checks.

2.                  It then queries the v$session_wait view, looking for buffer busy waits and db sequential file read waits.

3.                  If either type of wait is found, the script e-mails the waits to the Remote DBA for further investigation.



# First, we must set the environment . . . .
ORACLE_HOME=`cat /etc/oratab|grep \^$ORACLE_SID:|cut -f2 -d':'`
export PATH
MON=`echo ~oracle/mon`
export MON

SERVER_NAME=`uname -a|awk '{print $2}'`
typeset -u SERVER_NAME

# sample every 10 seconds

while true

rm -f /home/oracle/statspack/busy.lst

$ORACLE_HOME/bin/sqlplus -s / <<!>/home/oracle/statspack/busy.lst

set feedback off;
 from v\$session_wait a, Remote DBA_data_files b
 a.p1 = b.file_id
 event = 'db file sequential read'

  from v\$session_wait a, Remote DBA_data_files b
  a.p1 = b.file_id
  event = 'buffer busy waits'


var=`cat /home/oracle/statspack/busy.lst|wc -l`

echo $var
if [[ $var -gt 1 ]];
  echo "There are waits"
  cat /home/oracle/statspack/busy.lst|mailx -s "Monona block wait found"\
  dburleson@doglog.com \
  dhurley@oracle.com \


Once started, this script is scheduled to check every 10 seconds so that problems can be quickly identified and resolved. Here is an actual report from the e-mail:

----------------------------------------------------------- --------------
000-12-30 00:15:52
buffer busy waits APPLSYSD

This is an excerpt from "Oracle9i High Performance tuning with STATSPACK" by Oracle Press.

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