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     Oracle Utilities Tips

Exporting Data Subsets

This export utility allows the Remote DBA to limit the number of rows exported, based on a SQL where clause. This is very useful when only a portion of the table needs to be exported. For example, to export only those rows from the table whose order_number > 873737:

QUERY=\"WHERE order_number \> 873737\"

The specification of the query text must compensate for special characters that are specific to the operating system. The query text above places the entire string in double quotes and places an escape character (\) in front of special characters. The query specification above would result in the following SQL being executed:

select * from orders where order_number > 873737;

Subsetting is just one method by which export performance can be improved. The next section discusses other ways to optimize export performance.

To learn more about these techniques, see the book "Advanced Oracle Utilities: The Definitive Reference". 

You can buy it directly from the publisher and get instant access to the code depot of utilities scripts.






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