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Putting Methods to Work in Oracle8

Oracle Tips by Mike Ault

Designing a Method Network (Hierarchy)

As you progress from one level of detail to the next, you should find the sub-processes required to perform the overall tasks for which they are assigned. At each level of analysis, you should perform an evaluation to identify duplicate process behaviors under different higher-level processes.

At this stage of analysis, duplicated processes are not eliminated or consolidated because further analysis at greater granularity might reveal subtle differences in the processes after all. What is done is that the two (or more) processes are labeled to identify their system duplicity and the analysis proceeds. Ultimately, you'll want to proceed until decomposition is no longer possible. At that point, the effort turns to organizing the defined processes. In which case, you start by grouping the processes into the three categories named earlier: independent, base level, and aggregate.

The next step is to revisit the duplicated processes and consolidate them. This is not to say that you will create one big package and put redundant sub-processes together. Instead, the effort is focused on organization. Later, redundant processes will be grouped categorically by function. These steps have proven to be a most effective means of code organization in terms of maintenance and deployment.


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