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Putting Methods to Work in Oracle

Oracle Tips by Mike Ault

Method Design Concepts

·         Code Reusability--Process code only needs to be written once. Cleanly debugged and generated program units can be used in other modules and applications.

·         Configuration Management--Storing code in a central location in a common format, namely, the database, supports rapid code retrieval and simplifies the maintenance task. The database can also be used for tasks like code searches and code backup.

·         Proactive Tuning--Because the SQL is stored in the database, Remote DBAs and developers can extract and test the methods used in applications. Information garnered from these tests can be used to pinpoint areas where indexes are needed, identify tables that can benefit from caching in the buffer pool, and other performance tuning techniques.

·         Application Portability--Because code is resident in the database, it (the code) is immune from platform changes like operating system changes or multiplatform execution. Portability from platform to platform is simplified because the executable code will not require recompilation.

·         Process Cross-Referencing--Documentation of a method's use in an application is simplified through the use of a data dictionary. Method calls can be examined to identify data and program dependencies. Maintenance is also simplified because all applications that reference a particular entity can be identified easily.


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