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Putting Methods to Work in Oracle8

Oracle Tips by Mike Ault

Designing a Method Network (Hierarchy)

You now have the ability to nest methods one inside the other. Just as data can have sub-elements and at the same time be a part of a larger data element, behaviors can be composed of sub-behaviors, while at the same time being a sub-behavior in a larger method. It is advisable to develop a series of steps to accomplish this effort of mapping data to methods. The following steps provide a good starting point for doing so.

1.       Create and refine the following essential analysis and design documents:

·         A complete set of fully decomposed data flow diagrams. This becomes the starting point for all the methods that will be generated. The data flow diagrams assist in determining method names, input and output values, and a preliminary plan for nested methods.

·         A detailed object-relational element diagram (an entity relationship diagram in the relational paradigm) used for identifying the base classes in the application system.

·         A diagram showing the aggregate objects that will be used to associate the higher-level processes with the appropriate methods.


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