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Putting Methods to Work in Oracle8

Oracle Tips by Mike Ault


By this time, most of us have been introduced to the object-oriented features included in Oracle8. While many may be conversantly familiar with the new functionality that the object extensions to Oracle8 have introduced, far fewer have taken advantage of this exciting departure from conventional relational design. While it is recognized that the first deployment of the object-relational database by Oracle does not address every aspect of object-oriented methodology, most of the key elements are covered.

One of the most exciting of these key elements in the object extensions is the support for methods. A method, in the purely object-oriented paradigm, is the incorporation of a specific behavior assigned to an object or element. Fundamentally, it is recognized that the encapsulation of data with its associated behavior, is key to the effective modeling and implementation of complex systems. Part of the tremendous appeal of the object-oriented paradigm is this ability to encapsulate data and behavior together. Oracle’s newest version of the database brings this sorely needed functionality to the object-relational paradigm. The concept behind methods is of crucial importance in the object-oriented world and will certainly prove to be equally so in implementations requiring Oracle8.

Two questions should immediately come to mind in any discussion about object functionality in Oracle. The first, most obvious one is: “How does it work”? The second, but no less important one will be: “How does this impact the way that database systems will be designed”? This paper will seek to describe the ways in which methods can be effectively incorporated into a working object-relational design.


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