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Diving Into the Shared Pool - An In Depth Look at Tuning the Shared Pool (Part 2)

Oracle Tips by Mike Ault

What to Pin

The output from the script in Figure 2 is shown in Figure 3. Notice the objects with high executions.


Date: 11/20/98                                                                                                Page:   1
Time: 09:59 AM      Oracle Objects Report                      AULTM

                         AGCD database


       Name            Object         Object                         Shared

Schema Space           Type           Name                           Memory     LOADS Executes LOCKS PINS Kept

------ --------------- -------------- ---------------------------- -------- --------- -------- --------- --------- ----

SYS    BODY            PACKAGE BODY   DBMS_EXPORT_EXTENSION           6,957         1    1,338         1         0 NO

                                      DBMS_SQL                       11,016         1       50         1         0 NO

                                      DBMS_SYS_SQL                   21,428         1       50         1         0 NO

                                      DBMS_DEFER_IMPORT_INTERNAL      4,070         1       50         1         0 NO

                                      STANDARD                       26,796         1       50         1         0 NO

                                      DBMS_APPLICATION_INFO           4,585         1        8         1         0 NO

                                      DBMS_OUTPUT                     8,799         1        1         1         0 NO

       TABLE/PROCEDURE PACKAGE        DBMS_EXPORT_EXTENSION          12,269         1    1,355         1         0 NO

                                      DBMS_DEFER_IMPORT_INTERNAL     10,662         1       51         1         0 NO

                                      DBMS_SQL                        6,960         1       50         1         0 NO

                                      STANDARD                      118,556         1       50         1         0 NO

                                      DBMS_SYS_SQL                    7,472         1       50         1         0 NO

                                      DBMS_APPLICATION_INFO          11,569         1        9         1         0 NO

                                      DBMS_OUTPUT                    13,391         1        1         1         0 NO


Figure 3: Example Output From the Script In Figure 2.


Unfortunately in my active instance I already have the objects pinned that are required, but the example report in Figure 3 taken from one of my less active instances still shows the concept. Note that you only have to pin the package, not the package and package body.


Guideline 4: Determine usage patterns of packages, procedures, functions and cursors and pin those that are frequently used.


For more information on this topic, I recommend Don Burleson's latest book "Oracle Tuning: The Definitive Reference". 

You can buy it direct from the publisher for 50%-off and get instant access to the code depot of Oracle tuning scripts:


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