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Diving Into the Shared Pool - An In Depth Look at Tuning the Shared Pool (Part 1)

Oracle Tips by Mike Ault

Monitoring and Tuning the Shared Pool

The script in Figure 2 should be run periodically during times of normal and high usage of your database. The results will be similar to Figure 3. If your shared_pool_pct figures stay in the high nineties then you may need to increase the size of your shared pool, however, this isn't always the case.

Date: 11/18/98            
                                      Page:   1
Time: 04:16 PM              Shared Pool Summary  SYSTEM 
                              ORTEST1 database                             
---------------- ---------------- ----------------- ---------------       
            3.66            38.15             34.49            9.60       

Figure 3: Example Output From Script In Figure 2.

To often all that is monitored is how much of the shared pool is filled, no one looks how is it filled; with good reusable SQL or bad throw away SQL. You must examine how the space is being used before you can decide whether the shared pool should be increased in size, decreased in size or perhaps a periodic flush schedule set up with the size remaining the same. So how can we determine what is in the shared pool  and whether it is being properly reused or not? Let's look at a few more reports.


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